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Craig Carlson


Craig Carlson, Marine Science Institute, University of California- Santa Barbara
Phone Number: 805-893-2541
Research Interests

* Marine Microbial Ecology
* Cycling of organic matter through microbial processes
* Biogeochemical cycles in the ocean
* Oceanographic time-series studies
* Linkages between biogeochemical processes and biodiversity


Current Projects

* Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Station (BATS) is one of two U.S. JGOFS sites responsible for conducting long term time-series measurements of biogeochemical parameters. Both BATS and the Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT) have been collecting a variety of biological, chemical and physical data at each of their respective sites in order to better understand time-varying variabilty of the open ocean. These data are used to assess the role of the ocean in large-scale processes of global change. The PI's on this project include myself, Nick Bates, Deborah Steinberg, Anthony Knap and Anthony Michaels.

* Carbon and Nitrogen in dissolved organics; A contribution to the U.S. JGOFS Southern Ocean program, 1996-1999. Awarded by NSF OPP and OCE to D.A. Hansell and C.A. Carlson

* Interactions between bacterioplankton communities and dissolved substrates at the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series study station, 1997 - 2000. Awarded by NSF Bio OCE to C.A. Carlson (BBSR component) and S.J. Giovannoni (OSU component).

* Acquisition of a research microscope and image analysis system, 1997-2000. Awarded by NSF to C.A. Carlson, K. Coates, N.B. Nelson and A.H. Knap.

* Ultraviolet radiation monitoring system at the Bermuda Biological Station for Research, 1998 - 2000. Awarded by NSF BIO/IID/MBE to N.B. Nelson, C.A. Carlson, S.R. Smith and A.H. Knap.

* Comparative dynamics of CDOM in open ocean systems, 1999 ? 2002. Awarded by NSF Chem. OCE to N.B. Nelson, C.A. Carlson, and D.K. Steinberg

* Microbial Observatory - Collaborative Research on Bacterioplankton Biology and Biogeochemistry at the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Station: An Oceanic Microbial Observatory. 1999 - 2002 Awarded by NSF Microbial Observatories to C.A. Carlson (BBSR component) and S.J. Giovannoni (OSU component).



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