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Eric Sanford, Dept. of Evolution and Ecology and Bodega Marine Laboratory, University of California - Davis

Phone Number: 707-875-2040

The Sanford Lab is interested in how marine populations and communities vary in response to both natural oceanographic variation and anthropogenic climate change. Our research seeks to synthesize the ecological, evolutionary, physiological, and oceanographic processes that shape marine populations: both over large distances along coastlines, and in an era of accelerating climate change. We seek mechanistic understanding of these processes through coordinated field and laboratory experiments centered at Bodega Marine Laboratory. Much of our work focuses on marine intertidal communities, where organisms and their interactions are diverse and easily studied.

Ocean Acidification: In collaboration with Drs. Brian Gaylord, Tessa Hill, and Ann Russell, we are examining the influence of ocean acidification on ecologically and economically important species in northern California (with a focus on the Sonoma coast and Tomales Bay).  Our interdisciplinary research combines moored and shipboard measurements of seawater chemistry with laboratory and field studies of the biological effects of ocean acidification.  To date, our experiments on the native oyster (Ostrea lurida) indicate that oyster larvae and juveniles may be quite vulnerable to decreasing pH and changes in the calcium carbonate saturation state.

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