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Tessa Hill


Tessa Hill, Department of Geology and Bodega Marine Laboratory, University of California - Davis


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Recent (late Quarternary to modern) environmental change in the marine environment, utilizing the geopchemistry of microfossils and corals to understand:

  • Rate and magnitude of climate change
  • Response and adaptation of marine speices to environmental change
  • Role of methane emissions in climate change and marine geological processes
  • Impact of climate change on carbon cycling and oceanic anoxia
  • Connections between climate change in marine and terrestrial environments
  • Anthropogenic impacts on the ocean system, including ocean acidification and anoxia


Research utilizes several proxies in the paleoceanographic record as indicators of temperature and environmental change, such as:
  • stable isotopes (δ180, δ13C. δ15N)
  • trace elements (Mg/Ca, Sr/Ca, Cd/Ca)
  • radiocarbon
  • foraminiferal species assemblages



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