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Dan Swezey


I am a PhD candidate in the Sanford Lab at the beautiful UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory. My dissertation research is focused on local adaptation and spatially variable organismal response to future ocean acidification. Numerous recent experiments have documented potential impacts of acidification on calcifying organisms. However, organismal responses have been shown to vary among different taxonomic groups and even among individuals in a single species. The evolutionary basis for this variability remains largely unexplored. Using bryozoans, a unique group of calcifying colonial invertebrates, I am investigating how coastal upwelling and patterns of gene flow may shape the response of populations to elevated pCO2 in the future. As a member of the REACH (Responding to Rapid Environmental Change) interdisciplinary IGERT training program at UC Davis, I am also interested in connecting ecological findings to practical conservation decision-making, and I have taken a leadership role in collaborative research projects in agricultural landscapes, invaded riparian habitat, coral reef systems, and the deep sea.





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