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Dr. Jacqueline Padilla-Gamino


I am a new post-doc in Dr. Gretchen Hofmann’s laboratory at the University of California Santa Barbara. My graduate work focused on the ecophysiology of algae and scleractinian corals. Specifically, my M. Sc. work focused on the thermal acclimatization strategies of algae from different biogeographic regions and my Ph.D. work focused on coral reproductive biology and parental effects on coral offspring. During the course of my graduate work, I have become very interested in ocean acidification and the development of calcareous skeletal elements in marine invertebrates. I have been especially intrigued by the morphogenesis of biomineralized structures during the earlier life stages of marine invertebrates and how ocean acidification can influence parental effects, development and ecophysiological properties of marine organisms with skeletons. I am looking forward to explore these topics during my post-doctoral research.



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