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Dr. Jessica Dutton



As an ecological physiologist, I am broadly interested in the relationship between individual tolerances and environmental variability in marine species, and how such patterns are reflected across spatial and temporal scales.  My postdoctoral research in the Hofmann Lab currently addresses the influences of ocean acidification on fertilization success in marine invertebrates. In particular, I am looking at the effect of OA on fertilization and early development in the purple sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus. By studying early life history stages of key marine calcifiers, we may identify some of the physiological bottlenecks that will cascade into organismal and ecological-level disturbances as a result of projected ocean changes.
I am also very interested in the roles of policy and communication in addressing marine environmental issues. In 2009, I participated in the Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship, sponsored by NOAA’s National Sea Grant Program. At UCSB, I currently help coordinate the Ocean Acidification Training and Research Consortium, working to develop multidisciplinary collaborations within the OA community and to communicate that information to researchers and the public.


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