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Dr. Stuart Goldberg


Research Interests: Marine Biogeochemistry and microbial ecology

Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) is the largest reservoir of reduced carbon within the world's oceans. Understanding the dynamics of the bulk DOC pool is of biogeochemical and ecological significance because it is utilized by heterotrophic bacterioplankton to help meet cellular metabolic C demands and as a source of energy. However, the DOC pool consists of a broad range of chemicals, all of which have varying degradation timescales. A portion of my research focuses on the composition and cycling of dissolved carbohydrates in seawater, compounds which account for up to 30% of bulk DOC concentrations. A major interest is to determine if changes in seawater pH (i.e. becoming more acidic) alters the carbohydrate composition of recently exuded phytoplankton DOM, and if this altered DOM supports enhanced bacterial activity.



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