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Elizabeth Crook


Elizabeth Derse Crook is a 4th year PhD student at UC Santa Cruz. Currently, she studies the impacts of ocean acidification on calcification in hermatypic corals in the Caribbean and azooxanthellate corals living in Monterey Bay. In the Caribbean, her field site at Puerto Morelos, Mexico, focuses on Porites astreoides colonies that reside near naturally low pH submarine springs. Using the site as an OA analogue, she hopes to address the long-term impacts of future acidification events on reef-building corals. In Monterey Bay, her research focuses on the solitary coral, Balanophylia elegans. Using a laboratory set-up at Long Marine Lab, she is interested in how nutrition can impact calcification in azooxanthellate corals under future OA conditions. From these combined projects, she hopes to address how calcification may differ in corals with and without symbionts.


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