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Jill Harris


Jill is a PhD student at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. She is interested in how ecological systems respond to and recover from anthropogenic disturbances like climate change, fishing, and pollution. She focuses on the coral reefs in the remote central Pacific Ocean, including the protected areas of the new Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument. Jill studies how coral and algae respond to bleaching, disease, pollution, and fishing, and how these responses differ between heavily affected and unimpacted, uninhabited locations. She combines ecological and social data to understand the dynamics of the human communities that depend on reef ecosystems, with a goal of contributing science to the improved management and conservation of coral reefs. Jill grew up in Washington, D.C., has an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College, and earned a Master’s of Marine Affairs from the University of Washington. Now she likes to spend as much time as possible on small tropical islands like Eleuthera (in the Caribbean), Cebu (in the Philippines), Maui, and Palmyra (in the central Pacific).


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