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Julia Sweet


I am the newest lab member working for Uta Passow in the Passow Laboratory at UCSB’s Marine Science Institute. I am a UCSB graduate with a background in Geography with an emphasis in Physical Oceanography. In my new position, I assist in research focused mainly on the biological carbon pump, and how it can be expected to function as our world oceans continue to become more acidic. Although I have only been a lab assistant on this project for a short while, I have worked on several experiments in which we grow cultures of diatoms under different temperature and carbonate system conditions. Some of our cultures are grown under current ocean conditions while others are grown in simulated future ocean conditions. In our lab we adjust our media to future conditions using the closed batch approach: adding calculated amounts of acid, carbonate, and bi-carbonate to manipulate the carbonate system. I am very excited to be a part of this important research topic and hope to learn even more during the Ocean Acidification Workshop.


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