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Byrne (2011) Impact of ocean warming and ocean acidification on marine invertebrate life history stages: vulnerabilities and potential for persistence in a changing ocean. PDF


Fabricius et al. (2011) Losers and winners in coral reefs acclimatized to elevated carbon dioxide concentrations. PDF


Gaylord et al. (2011) Functional impacts of ocean acidification in an ecologically critical foundation species. PDF


Kroeker et al. (2011) Divergent ecosystem responses within a benthic marine community to ocean acidification. PDF


Parker et al. (2011) Adult exposure influences offspring response to ocean acidification in oysters. PDF


Rodolfo-Metalpa (2011) Coral and mollusc resistance to ocean acidifcation adversely affected by warming. PDF


Smith and Price (2011) Carbonate chemistry on remote coral reefs: natural variability and biological responses (Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Newsletter, pg 6-11). PDF


Sunday et al. (2011) Quantifying rates of evolutionary adaptation in response to ocean acidification. PDF


Thomsen et al. (2010) Calcifying invertebrates succeed in a naturally CO2-rich coastal habitat but are threatened by high levels of cuture acidification. PDF


Waldbusser et al. (2011) Biocalcification in the eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) in relation to long-term trends in Chesapeake Bay pH. PDF




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